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If you're an experienced truck driver with a great record seeking a Milwaukee Wisconsin trucking job with top pay and benefits, contact Direct Drive Express today 414.453.9200

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Contact number for Milwaukee trucking companyFor the best value on all dedicated trucking and warehousing solutions in Wisconsin, call or e-mail Direct Drive Express today. Be forewarned, once you contact Direct Drive Express your life may become a little more boring. If you are attached to the thrill and excitement of not knowing when your cargo will arrive or what condition it will be in, Direct Drive Express is not the Wisconsin trucking company for you.  When you are ready to experience the most flexible and dependable trucking, warehousing and distribution service in Wisconsin, Illinois and across the Midwest, Direct Drive Express will be there - just give us a call. We look forward showing you how Direct Drive Express will become your most valuable freight handling resource.

Corporate Headquarters
Direct Drive Express
11122 West Rogers Street
Milwaukee, WI 53227

Dispatch and Customer Service
local: 414.453.9200
fax: 414.453.9280
toll free: 888.453.9222

Tami R Larson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dudley Larson  

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Todd Jeske

Manager of Operations

Igor Sahagun

Safety and Compliance

Ron Wehr

Warehouse Manager