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Eric Straus Wins Wisconsin Truck Driving Championship

Direct Drive Express is proud to announce the first place finish of our truck driver Eric Straus at the 2009 Wisconsin Truck Driving Championships. Eric placed first in the tanker truck category and is competing in the National Truck Driving Championships in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania August 19-22nd. The Truck Driving Championships are open to drivers who have operated accident free for at least the past 12 months.

The Truck Driving Championships are a way to promote safety within the trucking industry, and test drivers on their safety inspection abilities, knowledge and truck maneuvering capabilities. There is a written examination testing knowledge of the trucking industry, safe driving rules, first aid, as well as a field test where drivers perform a pre-trip inspection, looking for a series of safety defects planted by officials followed by parking and maneuvering exercises such as backing the truck between two side barricades and stopping as close to the back barricade as possible without touching it.

One other Direct Drive Express truck driver, Craig Wolf, competed in the 2009 competition. While he did not win his category, he still performed admirably. The success of Eric and Craig at the 2009 Wisconsin Truck Driving Championships has sparked interest with other Direct Drive Express drivers who are itching to compete at the 2010 championships. With the highest standards in the Wisconsin trucking industry, this will not be the last time Direct Drive Express makes our mark in the Wisconsin Truck Driving Championships. Check back soon to see how Eric does at the National Truck Driving Championships, and give Direct Drive Express a call today to get championship caliber truck drivers hauling your freight.