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DDEX Wisconsin Warehousing & Distribution Services

Direct Drive Express is providing a wide variety of custom warehousing and distribution services for our Wisconsin trucking clients from our Milwaukee warehouse distribution center near the zoo interchange. Purchasing our warehouse, which became operational in 2007, has allowed Direct Drive Express to offer long term warehousing coupled with the ability to dock smaller quantities of freight. Each customer’s product is tracked real time and their quantities are available on a custom website.

The end result for Direct Drive Express customers is they have three or four days inventory available at all times. This has helped many of our Milwaukee trucking and logistics customers take the bumps out of the road that can be so difficult with just in time delivery systems. Outsourcing your logistics to Direct Drive Express takes the pressure off you, knowing you will have what you need where you need it without having to worry about it. Call Direct Drive Express today to learn more about our Wisconsin warehousing, distribution, and logistics services.